Professional Services Provided 

Piano Tuning, Repairing, Refinishing and Rebuilding 
                Including, but not Limited to, the Following

Installation of Humidity Control Systems 
Replacement of Pin Blocks 
Replacement of Key Tops 
Repair and Replacement of Damaged or Missing Parts 
Action Regulation and Hammer Reshaping 
Soundboards Shimmed and Refinished
Plate Refinishing 
Repairing of Bass and Treble Bridges 
Replacement and Repair of Veneers 
Reconditioning and Repair of the Pedal Lyre 
Polishing and Lacquering of Brass Hardware
Replacement of Tuning Pins and Strings
Appraisals and Estimates
Consultation for the Purchase of New and Used Pianos
 Damaged Veneer Replaced 
 Keys In Need Of Replacement
 Keys Tops Replaced For Newly
           Refinished Piano